About us

Alma Corse is a dynamic Motorsport organization that participates in Motorsport eSports which has their roots in the famous Motor Valley in Italy.

Established in 2021, Alma Corse is led by its co-founders Alessio Romito and Tarek Fahmy who met through an MBA virtual meet and greet between alumni and students’ event. Both share the same devotion and vision to democratize motorsport.

We are proud to have a 50/50 gender diversity within the team, and to have sparked a global attraction and interest with 12 gifted and diverse individuals from 5 different countries. Our aim is to compete in Formula 4 by 2022, and expand the team's operations year after year.

Alma Corse is underpinned by 3 Key Principles:
1. Enable talented drivers to achieve their racing dreams.
2. Increase diversity in motorsports.
3. Create a pathway to motorsports for young graduates.

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Meet the team

Alessio Romito

Graduated with a BSc in Physics (2013) from the University of Ferrara, Alessio started his career working in different German start-ups. In 2020 Alessio joined the Bologna Business School MBA program, while working as Digital Specialist for McKinsey & Company in Berlin.

Tarek Fahmy

Graduated with a BASc in Computer Engineering (2012) from the University of Waterloo, Tarek started his career working at various tech giants like Google, Facebook and BlackBerry. Before joining the MBA program at the Bologna Business School, he spent over 8 years growing and leading the product at Wish, a successful eCommerce startup based in Silicon Valley.


Carla Peniston
Marketing Manager

Currently studying BA Hons Sports Marketing at Leeds Beckett University (Leeds, England). Carla started her career independently in 2020 developing her own Sports blog focusing on Formula 1, Formula 2 and the Premier League. Before joining the InsideF2 Marketing team and PorscheSport delivering PorscheSport’s Partnerships, Social Media Management portfolio and eSports commitment.