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The operating model of Alma Corse is quite different from all the other racing teams. We rely on the community and on our partners to provide us with the necessary means to go racing. This approach is in stark contrast with the established "business model" of a traditional racing teams: to rely on pay drivers to essentially fund the operations of the team.

This is why we are looking to partner with companies who want to support us in our mission. We believe there is an incredible opportunity which comes with fulfilling our mission: to democratize motorsport, and to make it more accessible to everyone.

As either partner or sponsor of Alma Corse, you'll become an agent of change in the sport. We will support your communication initiatives, and make sure that our community and audience will recognize the role that you and your brand have in helping us achieve our goals.

Our partners

Formula Careers


Formula Careers is a fantastic resource for young graduates and professionals looking to start their careers in motorsport.

We share a mission: to create as many opportunities as possible for those with enough passion and talent to pursue their dream jobs.

On the FC website you can find a great amount of information, learning courses, job opportunities, and everything you need to know to start your career in motorsport.

We recommend joining the lively FC community on LinkedIn as well, which has rapidly become a great place for motorsport professionals and enthusiasts to meet and have a chance to connect.

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