Team Vision

The mission of Alma Corse is to democratize motorsport.

Alma Corse is a not-for-profit organization, born out of passion and love for motorsport.

We want to make professional motorsport more accessible to those individuals with talent and a desire for racing, but who haven't yet had the chance to find their path in the sport.

This applies to both drivers and other types of professionals. We believe in a creating different type of racing team: one that is able to provide the right opportunities to whomever deserves them.

Our drivers will be selected purely on merit, with a mixture of sim racing competitions and performance during real life testing.

A significant part of our team members, on the other hand, will be selected through our partner universities and institutions. We want to create guaranteed opportunities for young graduates and professionals. One that can put them on a path to build their own successful career in motorsport.

We are also committed to becoming an agent of change in the quest to increase diversity and inclusion in motorsport. We want to create a team which promotes the role of women and minorities in motor racing, through dedicated opportunities and partnerships.