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Enter our 2021 "Democratize Motorsport" eSport season and compete for a chance to drive a in a real race weekend!

Fun Details

Our eSports season will be running on iRacing, over the course of 6 race weekends. You will have a chance to win the grand prize real race weekend as well as many secondary prize options suitable for beginners and professionals.

The grand prize target is to race in an official FIA Formula 4 race in Europe. However if this will not be possible due to driver age limitations for the qualifying winner, lack of availability of an entry seat, or any other reason, the race weekend will be scheduled in another competitive racing series using the available funds.

Make sure to read the competition summary page to learn about all the details on the prize options, race format and rules. You can find the page in the website menu or by clicking the button below:

Competition Summary

Join The Mission

We are launching a "first of its kind" crowdfunding campaign: our objective is to raise enough money with a sim racing championship, in order to secure a spot on the grid of a real racing series for our ultimate winner.

Alma Corse is a not-for-profit organization. This means that all the funds raised will be used to maximize your chances to be on the grid and show your skills to the world.

Important Notes

Refunds will be issued in case the crowdfunding campaign will not achieve the financial goals that will allow us to find a competitive team to partner with. 

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